It is with great excitement that I welcome you to the webpage of the distance learning graduate programme of Sustainable Energy Systems offered jointly by Frederick University and the Open University Cyprus. Whether you are a current or a prospective student, a faculty member at Frederick University and Open University Cyprus or elsewhere, or alumni, we hope you will find all the information you need about a programme of study that recognises our present and future energy demands, over-reliance on fossil fuels and contribution to climate change, and aspires to provide the world with the next generation of scientists to tackle these energy and environmental challenges. We are proud of our curriculum and of the tradition of excellence here and are certain that we can offer you an outstanding academic experience.

The distance learning graduate programme of Sustainable Energy Systems is principally oriented at young engineers and graduates of science faculties who wish to engage with the energy sector. In an era where the energy sector is emerging as the new pillar of the financial development of Cyprus, certainly choosing advanced education in the field of energy systems and the built environment can provide the graduates of the programme with numerous job opportunities. The programme, which is administered by experienced and distinguished scholars from Cyprus and Greece, has been evaluated and approved by the Evaluation Committee of Private Universities (ECPU), which guarantees the professional recognition of its graduates from the competent professional body of Cyprus, ETEK.

The Sustainable Energy Systems programme provides the graduates the necessary scientific foundations for establishing job positions, which will be created in the coming years in the field of energy planning, energy certification and energy upgrading of buildings. The progressing integration of the European directives into the Cypriot legislation regarding energy and buildings, creates new needs that continually induce the construction market in the search of know-how. The following areas are provided as examples:

  • Energy certification of buildings
  • Energy audits of buildings
  • Energy saving in buildings
  • Integration of renewable energy sources (RES) in the building envelope
  • Energy Renovation of buildings

The programme also focuses on the production, transportation and energy management systems at the medium and large scales. The reduction of energy costs by employing renewable energy technologies, as well as the need for cost reductions of the energy have created in the recent years a dynamic liberalization of the electricity market. Furthermore, the impending penetration of the natural gas and the integration of the new fuel in the energy balance of European countries require the necessary expertise and graduate education, which the Frederick University and the Open University Cyprus aspire to provide through this programme. Additionally to the aspects of production, transport and management, the programme also approaches the thematic of environmental energy engineering, which currently has increased needs and limited expertise in the energy industry. Specifically, the programme focuses on the environmental impacts of large energy infrastructure projects, but also the critical aspect of greenhouse gas emissions trading. The structure of the learning objectives is such that ensures both the acquirement of the necessary knowledge of this field, and the application of the testing methods and practices that are followed at the international level.

I encourage you to embark on this vibrant and innovative programme which gives you the opportunity to invest in yourself.

Paris A. Fokaides
Lecturer, Programme Coordinator,
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