Dear MSc candidate,

International trade and maritime transportation with their labor, services and technology have reached unprecedented levels. Both industries always comprise a major global employer with a decisive influence on the economic performance of countries’ economies.

I am happy to introduce you to our new online MSc program in International Trade and Shipping Management. This program offers you the opportunity to complete our on-campus MSc curriculum from your location and home comfort, with the flexibility in scheduling class related activities around your family and work commitments. Instead of attending fixed on-campus classes, you can choose the specific time of the day to work on your assignments while you will still be given the opportunity to interact with instructors or fellow students through group projects and discussion boards. However the strategic use of internet and distance learning technology, as well as the employment of careful planning and organization, is necessary to succeed.

The program is supported by an extremely diverse faculty body that combines both academic and long commercial practical experience and knowledge. Our curriculum blends all core aspects of international transportation and trade with special emphasis on shipping management. Graduates of this program acquire an in-depth knowledge of the business practices in the area of international transportation and trade. If you wish to broaden your international perspective on trade and dig deeper into the interconnected area of transportation, then this Master’s program is a great choice for you.

I look forward to welcoming you to our Program,

Angelos A. Menelaou, DProf, MSc, BSc, FICS
MSc in International Trade and Shipping Management
Program Director



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