The course “Evaluation and Quality Assurance in Primary and Secondary Education” deals with quality assurance at the lower levels of an educational system; elementary and secondary education.

            Quality assurance in education is one of the most important goals set by modern educational systems worldwide given that all countries are very much interested in what students learn and are able to do and how they are prepared in order to be effective contributors in an ever changing social context. These student outcomes can only be achieved through quality education which is a rather complex concept; it includes effective teaching practices, effective teaching, effective management and school leadership, effective educational policies, quality in learning opportunities, effective learning environments and effective evaluation of various school outcomes. Quality assurance in education is essentially a process and not a final product. It includes everything that an educational system needs to be doing in order to increase the chances of producing a final product according to predetermined standards. The analysis of this process at the primary and secondary education level is the ultimate goal of this course.


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