Dear Prospective Students

As you probably know, three of the major forces shaping and driving the 21st century education and society are: 1) the development and diffusion of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs); 2) the increasing demand for new educational approaches and pedagogies that foster transformative and lifelong learning and 3) the societal demand to address the urgent need for education for sustainable development (ESD).

The online international MSc program entitled ICT in Education for Sustainable Development funded by the European Commission is designed to respond to these three challenges as well as to meet the needs of graduates and professionals from a range of educational backgrounds seeking professional development opportunities in this emerging field of study. The program is modular, flexible and wide-ranging. The advantages of studying on the ICT in ESD MSc program are:

  • Flexibility and choice as it is particularly suitable for students in full- or part-time employment, without attendance requirements as it is delivered online.
  • The opportunity to share ideas and collaborate with other students on the program worldwide.
  • The chance to build up knowledge, skills and competences to accelerate your career paths and opportunities.

Enjoy reading more about this unique, contemporary and innovative program, which gives you the chance to combine work and professional development.

Applications for the Spring 2018 have already started

Professor Vassilios Makrakis, PhD

Program Coordinator



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