Business research means undertaking systematic research to find out things about business in general. Research does not only need to provide findings that advance knowledge and understanding but it also needs to address business issues and problems. It needs to provide original insight into a phenomenon by advancing knowledge. When research is taken various characteristics and a procedure should be followed. The literature review is one of the most important parts of research. This is the task that one does become aware of the available body of knowledge in the area. It is an integral part of any research project and its helps in many steps of the ongoing research. The research strategy and design are the essential parts of any research topic. It can be qualitative or quantitative depending on the research question or hypothesis in mind. There are various issues regarding both methodologies, one important is sampling. In doing research one can use interviews, questionnaires or even online databases. Finally when the results of a research strategy are obtained, and the researcher needs to write the report, there exists a specific structure that he/she should follow.

This module consists of the following:

  • Introduction to research
  • Literature review
  • Research strategy and design
  • Data collections using interviews, questionnaires and online databases
  • Writing the research project


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