The Grading System

The grading system is numerical and ranges from 0 to 10. The minimum passing grade is 5.0.
Frederick University employs the letter grading system as shown in the table below

Marking Scale Grade Point Letter Grade Meaning
86-100 10 A Excellent
76-85 8 B Very Good
66-75 7 C
56-65 6 D Good
50-55 5 E
0-49 0 F Fail
    I Incomplete
    P Pass (non marked course)
    SP Satisfactory Performance- Work in Progress
    W Official Withdrawal of Course

Incomplete Grade

The grade "I" is awarded to a student who has maintained satisfactory performance in a course but was unable to complete a part of the course work needed (e.g. test, assignment or final exam) for medical reasons or reasons beyond his/her will.

The procedure for the award of an incomplete grade is the following:

  1. A special form must be completed and signed by the instructor, the student and the Head of the Department. The form must be submitted to the Departmental Council as well as the Studies and Student Welfare Service (Nicosia: Office 36, Limassol: Studies Office).
  2. Complete the remaining course requirements before the end of the following semester.
  3. Any ‘incomplete’ grade that is not completed within the time requirements will automatically become a grade of zero.

Student Graduation

The student Classification is stated on the Degree according to the following scheme:
"Excellent" (8.6 - 10),
"Very Good" (6.6 - 8.5),
"Good" (5.0 - 6.5).

Averaging Grades

The Grade Point Average (G.P.A.) is determined for each student at the end of each semester. The grade point average (G.P.A.) is computed by multiplying the number of ECTS of each course by the grade points equivalent to the letter grade received and then adding them. The sum total is then divided by the total number of ECTS for which the student has received a grade. Grades reported as "I", "W", "P" or "SP" are not computed in the average.

The Cumulative Grade Point Average (C. G.P.A.) is the grade point average which takes into consideration all semesters of study.


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