Strategic Marketing Specialization

Marketing is a discipline that can be widely applied in a variety of sectors and types of organizations, including profit-making, non-profit and governmental organizations. In times of crisis and economic turbulence graduate students can be equipped with knowledge in marketing that will allow them to assist their organizations/businesses to identify and exploit market opportunities. A specialization in marketing management will provide graduates with the skills to develop effective strategic marketing plans and integrated marketing communications strategies that can be used by organizations to create awareness about their products and services, boost their sales, increase their market share, build their image, increase their brand equity and differentiate their offering in the increasingly-crowded global marketplace. Through a specialization in marketing management graduate students will gain the necessary qualification to either compete effectively in the labour market or to work towards creating and marketing their own business idea.

This Specialization is achieved by completing a Final MBA Project in a relevant thematic topic and opting for the following set of three MBA electives:

  • DLMBA524: Integrated Marketing Communications
  • DLMBA525: Fundamentals of Strategic Marketing Planning
  • DLMBA537: International Marketing

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Specialization

In times of crisis and high unemployment it is important to offer to graduate students the tools to gain knowledge and experience in starting a new business venture. The specialization in entrepreneurship will enhance the students’ capabilities to start their own businesses and create opportunities for self-employment. The students will be better prepared to engage in research and development of new products and services and recognize new opportunities in the business environment. The specialization also provides a holistic understanding of the phenomenon of innovation. Innovation spans a number of fields within the social sciences (such as Management Studies and Economics to name a few) and is a topic of great practical and policy interest. Students will be introduced to innovation theories, review empirical evidence across industries and learn how innovation and entrepreneurship can be promoted at an institutional level.

This Specialization is achieved by completing a Final MBA Project in a relevant thematic topic and opting for the following set of three MBA electives:

DLMBA 540: Global Business Environment

This is an introductory course in international business environment. The students will understand the main drivers of globalization, and challenges and opportunities it creates for business managers. The content of the course includes discussion of issues related to regional economic integration and functioning of an international monetary system. Furthermore, the students will evaluate different strategies for competing globally and explain the decisions that firms have to make when planning a foreign market entry. The course utilizes relevant case studies to illustrate the theoretical concepts.

DLMBA 537: International Marketing

This course is concerned with the main factors that marketers need to consider when adopting an international marketing strategy. It aims at assisting students to identify the main concepts relevant to international and global marketing. The complexities of operating in the international/global marketing environment are also discussed. Emphasis is placed on how marketers can apply the various conventional marketing mix strategies in an international context. A number of different methods, tools, and techniques used for identifying and selecting international market opportunities are also presented and various market entry modes are explained.


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